Borrow, Renew, Request


Book ordering: Christina Dolan-Derks x4485

Course Reserves: Barbara Carden x3767

Library Instruction: Tami Robinson x4483

Library Policies:Amanda Clark x4482

Room Reservations: Tami Robinson x4483 or Barbara Carden x3767.

Library Cards

Use your Whitworth ID to:

  • borrow materials from the library
  • use course reserves in the library
  • log in to your library account

use your library account to

  • renew materials
  • check status of holds or ILL requests
  • check for overdue items or fines


Course Reserves

Fill out and print this document, then submit with your reserve materials:

General instructions:

  • Materials for reserves may be brought to the circulation desk for processing. These may be items from our library collection or personal materials. Photocopied materials must be copyright compliant. You are responsible for your own photocopying.
  • Please fill out a reserve request form for each course (available at the circulation desk). Allow for a few days processing time prior to student availability.
  • Reserve materials may be assigned check out periods of one, two, three, and four hours or one, three, and seven days.
  • Students will be able to find your reserve materials on a list that is posted at the circulation desk.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the request form, all materials will be removed from the reserve shelf at the end of the term.
  • For assistance with reserve materials, contact Barbara Carden, Circulation Supervisor, at 509.777.3767 or at

Requesting New Library Resources

Requests for new library resources are normally submitted via the library liaison in your academic department. The liaison is a faculty member, appointed by the department, responsible for coordinating departmental orders or requests for library resources, ensuring in the process that library funds allocated to the department or discipline are spent equitably and/or in line with any priorities set by the department. In departments housing several disciplines (e.g., Math/Computer Science), there may be separate liaisons for each discipline.

If you’re not sure who the liaison is for your department or discipline, ask your chair or contact Christina Dolan-Derks, our Acquisitions Specialist, at phone ext. 4485 or by email at The following, however, are some details about procedures for specific categories of library resources.

Books: Each academic department receives an annual budget allocation against which new books may be requested. Please submit requests using our online request form (Master Forms list). Online requests you place are automatically routed to your department liaison for required approval. If needed, contact Christina Dolan-Derks for instructions.

E-books: While many titles are not presently available in any e-format, and some we cannot logistically offer, our digital collections are growing each year. If you need or prefer that a title be acquired as an e-book, indicate that on the request form, and we will investigate whether the option is available.

Journals and other continuations: Journals or other continuations (annuals, book series, etc.) which involve a subscription or standing order cannot be charged to departmental allocations. Because these entail commitments to continuing expenditures in future years, new additions must be approved. Please refer these requests to your liaison who will then communicate them to your department’s library representative.

Databases and other online resources: Subscriptions or licenses to fee-based online resources usually involve substantial budget commitments and significant support implications. Should you have a request or suggestion in this area contact Nancy Bunker,, ext. 4481.

Audiovisual and digital media: DVDs and other streaming multimedia (though not music CDs – see below) are ordered against a library budget line administered by Judy Dehle, Manager of Instructional Technology & Media Services. Requests can be submitted either to Judy (, or ext. 4382) or to Christina Dolan-Derks. Since AV & digital media funds are not allocated by department and often must be prioritized according to need and/or recent purchasing patterns, it’s a good idea to discuss requests with Judy before submitting. Book order forms should not be used for AV or streaming media. If possible, provide the producer’s or distributor’s catalog, advertisement, or web site URL so we’ll have the ordering information we need.

Music CDs are generally ordered against a Music Department allocation and require the Music liaison’s approval.

Special needs: If you have a need that can’t be met through the normative procedures outlined above, please contact the Amanda Clark, the Library Director via email or phone (x4482), or stop by my office, library room 147.

For Library Liaisons: Library Liaison FAQs.

Library Instruction and Research


The Harriet Cheney Cowles Memorial Library's instruction program responds to the universities' critical thinking goals.  Librarians offer instructional services in cooperation with teaching faculty to help students learn the necessary concepts and skills for successful library research.


  • To teach students how to define their research needs, locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information.
  • To teach students to conduct research using both traditional and electronic information sources.
  • To help students become familiar with the scholarly and professional resources and information systems in their disciplines.

Course-related Instruction

Librarians work closely with the faculty in tailoring library workshops to individual courses. The research tools fundamental to a particular discipline are taught, especially in upper-division courses. We expect that the students in a particular major will graduate with knowledge of the bibliographic structure of the literature in their fields.

The research program is also closely tied to teaching basic library research skills to all students. In these classes the students receive an orientation to the library, to the research strategy, and to our various databases. They learn about the purposes served by journals and about the differences between these journals and they learn to critically evaluate electronic information.

Library & research instruction forms a part of most of the disciplines taught at the university.  Further individual instruction is available to students individually at the Whitworth Library's Reference Desk.

Contact the Coordinator of Instructional Services

With sufficient lead time, librarians can provide library & research instruction sessions and printed materials geared specifically to your course and assignment. Please have a course syllabus and/or a research assignment available for the librarian. Plan ahead to schedule the best times. To schedule your class for library & research instruction during the current term, call Tami Robinson at 509.777.4483 or e-mail

The Library's Coordinator of Instructional Services is also available to work with teaching faculty to design an appropriate assignment to achieve your course goals/objectives.

Room Reservation

Selected library rooms and facilities may be reserved, subject to the following policies, by Whitworth faculty, students, or staff only. Generally, persons or parties not affiliated with the university may not reserve these spaces.

Library Classroom (#106): When not needed for library instruction, the classroom may be reserved on a one-time or occasional basis. Reservations may be canceled by library staff, with due notice, no less than three days (72 hours) before the scheduled use if a conflicting library instruction program need arises. Reservations must be made with the Reference/Library Instruction staff (reference desk, ext. 4491; Tami Robinson, ext. 4483; Nancy Bunker, ext. 4481).

Group Study Rooms #1 through #6 and #211: Rooms 5, 6, and 211 seat up to 8 people. Limited to one 3 hour reservation per group per day. First come, first served for groups of two or more. May not be assigned for regularly scheduled classes or tutoring. Reserve through the Circulation Department (ext. 4200), or sign up weekly on the posted sheets on each room door.

Individual Study Rooms (#212-213 and #205): Limited to individual study use on a first come, first served basis. These rooms may not be reserved for regularly scheduled classes or tutoring. Reserve through the Circulation Department (ext. 4200), or sign up weekly on the posted sheets on each room door.

Archives & Special Collections Reading Room (#146): May be reserved for classes or other groups using the Daniel Photography Collection or other special collections or archives needs. Reserve through Circulation Department (ext. 4200). 

Curriculum Library (#142): May be reserved only for education classes or other groups for workshops using the materials housed in the library. Open to all library users at other times. Reservations must be made with the Reference Desk (ext. 4491).

Library Courtyard: Can be scheduled for special events by permission of the Library Director (ext. 4482).

Computer Labs: Computer labs are managed and scheduled by the Manager of Computer Labs (ext. 4567).

Instructional Technology and Media Facilities: ITMS facilities, including the studio and media development room, are managed by the ITMS Department (ext.3233).

Off-campus access

The library's databases are accessible off-campus. Find the database you want to use, click on the link, and you'll see an EXProzy popup. Type in your Whitworth username and password as directed, click Submit, and you will be logged in to the database.