Special Collections

William C. Fix Mountaineering Collection

Home to the sprawling Cascade Mountain Range, Washington State is a central destination for mountain explorers and enthusiasts from around the world. This collection, generously endowed by Mr. William C. Fix, is both a local treasure and an aficionado’s dream. The stunning visuals that cover these books only hint at the adventures within.

Browse this page for a fun sampling of the beautiful and exciting titles available to be explored in the Whitworth Special Collections!

Camping in the Canadian Rockies

Author: Walter Dwight Wilcox

Date: 1896

Place: New York

Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons

Call Number: F1090.W66 1896

A sketch of early explorations of the Canadian Rockies and an account of camp life in the wilder parts of those majestic mountains.

The Alps

Author: W. Conway Martin

Illustrator: A. D. M. McCormick

Date: 1904

Place: New York

Publisher: A & C. Black

Call Number: DQ823.C77 1904

A narrative about the treasures and treachery of the snowy mountains, in the presence of which “it is not possible to imagine, in any time of the world, a more blessed entrance into life.”

Two Mountains and a River

Author: H. W. Tilman

Date: 1949

Place: London

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Call Number: DS785.T54 1949

The relation of three wartime climbs, proving “the adventurer upon unknown coasts and the describer of distant lands is always welcomed as a man who has labored for others.”

Round Mystery Mountain

Author: Norman Watson; E. J. King

Date: 1935

Place: London

Publisher: Edward Arnold & Co.

Call Number: F1089.C7 W37 1935

A narrative revealing the values of exploration—the escape from the material world, the exercise of the greatest human faculties, and the search for spiritual solace.

Mountaineering and Exploration in the Selkirks

Author: Howard Palmer

Date: 1914

Place: New York

Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons

Call Number: F1089.S4 P2 1914

A record of pioneering in the Canadian Alps, conveying the majesty and beauty of the mountains and the greatness of those who traverse them.

In the Heart of the Canadian Rockies

Author: James Outram

Date: 1923

Place: London

Publisher: The MacMillan Company

Call Number: F1090.O94 1923

The compilation of adventures of the explorers of the Canadian Rockies, bringing the reader “a closer intimacy” with the mountains that are, to the author, “a feeling” all their own.

The Ascent of Everest

Author: John Hunt

Illustrator: W. Heaton Cooper

Date: 1953

Place: London

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Call Number: DS495.8.E9 H85 1953

A faithful account of the climbing of the highest mountain in the world—a testimony to the endurance and achievement of humankind.

The Alps in Nature and History

Author: W. A. B. Coolidge

Date: 1908

Place: New York

Publisher: E. P. Dutton & Co.

Call Number: DQ823.C8 1908

A personal account of 40 years wandering the enchanting Alps, experiencing life and learning about the world reflected in the mountains.

Mountain Man

Author: Robert H. Bates

Date: 1988

Place: Clinton

Publisher: The Amwell Press

Call Number: N6537.B76 B38 1988

The thrilling story of “mountain man” Belmore Browne—hunter, explorer, artist, naturalist, and preserver of the Northern Wilderness.