Business Management

Motivation refers to the reasoning behind one’s actions and behaviors.
In the world of management,
motivation is necessary to consider as it is the driving force behind an employee’s work.

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”— General George S. Patton


Internet Sources

Journal Articles

Chen, Y., & Zhao, Q. (2013). Gender differences in business faculty's research motivation. Journal of Education for Business 88(6), 314-324. doi:10.1080/08832323.2012.717121

Describes the different motivation factors that are needed based on gender and personal characteristics. It also discusses when intrinsic and extrinsic factors should be used based on the employee’s gender and what their job is within the business.

Kao, A. C. (2015). Driven to care: Aligning external motivators with intrinsic motivation. Health Services Research 50, 2216-2222. doi:10.1111/1475-6773.12422

Discusses how to get max motivation out of the employee by using the combination of their intrinsic motivation along with an external motivator such as money. It also talks a little bit about the crowding-out effect.

Skik, M. M. (2013). Some characteristics that influence motivation for learning in organizations. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 11(2), 254-265. doi:10.7906/indecs.11.2.7

Discusses the individual and environmental characteristics of motivation. It also mentions that an employee’s motivation for learning, education, and learning is linked to the possibility to receive a promotion.