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Pines Press: Welcome

Pines Press is a Whitworth University publishing imprint through Washington State University Press, a member of the Association of University Presses. Pines Press publishes in a wide variety of genres. As a university press imprint based at an historically liberal arts college campus, we seek to support a culture of the liberal arts as a deep-rooted knowledge base.



WSU Press Homepage

Submission Guidelines

General Publication Schedule

Steps and Schedule

Project proposal

Pursue/revise and resubmit/ reject

Contingent publication agreement (peer review, ed board approval)*

Peer reviews of manuscript

Accept/revise and resubmit/reject

Editorial board approval

Publication agreement/notice of acceptance if contingent*

Final revisions to ms



6 weeks

Author review of copyedit

2 weeks

1st proofs prepared

3 weeks

Author review of 1st proofs`

2 weeks

2nd proofs prepared

2 weeks

Author review of 2nd proofs/index preparation

4 weeks


4 weeks (simultaneous with 2nd proof review)

Final corrections

2 weeks

Print/bind/delivery to warehouse

12 weeks

Available for sale in bookstores, online

4 weeks


37 weeks

9 months

* contract can be issued with publication contingent on supportive peer reviews and editorial board approval, or after editorial board approval

Pines Press Advisory Board

Amanda Clark, Chair of the Board, Dean of the Library & Special Programs

Bert Emerson, Director of Honors

Erica Salkin, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Megan Griffin, Associate Professor of Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis 

Anthony Clark, Professor of History

Sophia Du Val, Assistant Professor & Scholarly Communications Librarian

Dawn Isherwood, Visiting Librarian

Thom Caraway, Associate Professor of English 



Dean of the Library

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Amanda Clark
147 Cowles Library
Subjects: Art, General