Literary journals (or lit mags, or little magazines, or any iteration thereupon) are a sometimes overlooked but extremely important facet of the world of writing. These journals provide a space for established and evolving writers alike to publish their work, and for readers to be exposed to new writing. Often, literary journals are the first places where experimentation with style and form is seen, and many journals have played an important  role in the establishment of writing movements. The literary journal is, by very nature, fleeting. The lifetime of a literary journal can be short, some only running a few issues before closing up shop, or long and prominent. The goal of this site, which is the culmination of a semester of inquiry into and inside jokes about literary journals, is to begin to explore the history and impact of journals on the world of literature. Because journals are beginning and ending their run nearly constantly, it is impossible for this site to encompass an exhaustive collection of literary journals; our hope, however, is that the journals we have collected here will encourage further exploration into the impact and importance of literary journals and their role in the evolution of literature.

"Literature is news that stays news." –Ezra Pound