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What are the Odds? Family Edition


What are the Odds? game

SURVIVE THE ODDS and DARES like you've never seem them. Whether it's doing a dance or embarrassing yourself in front of the neighbors, you will get your friends and teammates to cheer you on and do it while laughing.

A roulette-style dare game where players take turns challenging each other to dares listed on black cards. Each round, one player (The Challenger) draws a black card and challenges the rest of the players to do the task on the card. The rest of the players collectively decide what the odds are. On the count of 3, every player throws down one of their number cards. If your number matches The Challenger's, you have to do the challenge.

Game rules


Players 2+
Time 15-30 min
Theme Card, Humor, Party
Mechanics Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection