Main Library Collections

Harriet Cheney Cowles Memorial Library
This is the main library on the Whitworth campus. The library is geographically in the center of campus, serving students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Whitworth Library collection numbers 176,000 volumes. Access to these materials is through the library catalog.
Leonard B. Martin Memorial Music Library
The Martin Music Library (first floor west) houses the universities' main collections of music scores and recordings. Scores are subject to the same circulation policies as other library books. CDs and phonorecords can be checked out by faculty only. Listening equipment is available adjacent to the collection, with additional equipment nearby in the Audiovisual Center.
Education Curriculum Library
The curriculum library (first floor west) contains a collection of elementary and secondary textbooks, teaching reference materials in support of the Teacher Education program. Space is available for class sessions as well as for independent study. In addition, the curriculum library houses the juvenile and young adult literature collections.
Reference Department
The reference area is the information center of the library. The various periodical indexes (online and print), reference books and other research products are housed in reference to support the curricular and informational needs of the campus.
Instructional Technology and Media Services
ITMS contains collections of video and sound recordings, multimedia CD-ROMs, etc., as well as media equipment and production services.  Most media items are now catalogued in the library's online catalog.

Archives and Special Collections

Archival records (manuscript materials, photographs, ephemeral publications, etc.) are actively collected in two areas:  (1) the history of Whitworth University, and (2) Pacific Northwest Protestant history.  Access is by appointment.
Special Collections
Encompasses non-circulating books and periodicals segregated from regular collection for the sake of long-term preservation because they are rare, fragile, or fit a selected research collection focus.  The latter category includes Pacific Northwest Protestant history, a special collection begun in 1999.
Floyd Daniel Photography Collection
A special collection of over 1,500 photography books, housed in the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room.
Moldenhauer Archives
A small collection of music-related materials, mainly Spokane area music history.  (Published scores comprising the Moldenhauer Archives Reference Collection are integrated into the Martin Music Library Holdings.)

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