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Accounting Sophia Du Val
Art, Art History Sophia Du Val
Biology, Biophysics Marianne Stowell Bracke
Business, Business Management Sophia Du Val
Chemistry, Biochemistry Marianne Stowell Bracke
Communication Studies Carleigh Hill
Criminology & Criminal Justice Carleigh Hill
Economics Sophia Du Val
Education Carleigh Hill
Engineering Marianne Stowell Bracke
English Carleigh Hill
Environmental Studies & Science Marianne Stowell Bracke
Film & Visual Narrative Carleigh Hill
Finance Sophia Du Val
Health Sciences Marianne Stowell Bracke
History Nancy Bunker
Journalism & Media Studies Carleigh Hill
Kinesiology & Athletics Marianne Stowell Bracke
Mathematics & Computer Science Marianne Stowell Bracke
Marketing Sophia Du Val
Music Paul Ojennus
Philosophy Paul Ojennus
Political Science Carleigh Hill
Physics, Applied Physics Marianne Stowell Bracke
Psychology Carleigh Hill
Sociology Carleigh Hill
Theatre Sophia Du Val
Theology Sophia Du Val
World Languages & Cultures Paul Ojennus