Main Library

Library Snapshot
  4500 visitors per week
  over 200 databases
  280,000 books & ebooks
  8500 musical scores
    6 friendly librarians

Current Periodicals & New Books

New books and daily and weekly newspapers may be browsed in the quiet study room located on the first floor of the library. Regular newspaper subscriptions are: Financial Times, Journal of Business, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Spokesman-Review, Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Education Curriculum Library

Resources for undergraduate and graduate students in education including elementary and secondary curriculum, elementary and secondary textbooks, teaching reference materials, juvenile and young adult literature in 20 languages are available in the Curriculum Library on the first floor of the library. Also available for students to use are a whiteboard, computer, projector, and smartboard.

Martin Music Library

Located on the first floor of the library, the Martin Music Library contains an extensive selection of musical scores, CDs, and hymnals.