Books keep us sane during any season, but particularly so when we are isolated from extended family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Here is what we in the library have been reading during Washington's stay at home order.

Just good storytelling

Deacon King Kong
James McBride
A story with endearing characters, lyric prose, absurdly funny situations, in a place where people connect across barriers of race and class to get through life. The audiobook narrator, Dominic Hoffman, does an excellent job giving life to the multitude of characters.
Once Upon a River
Diane Setterfield
Sort of historical fiction, sort of magical realism. But really a story about people, relationships, life's startings and endings, all in a village on the upper Thames river in 1887. Audiobook narrator Juliet Stevenson is an excellent storyteller.
Cut and Run: A light-hearted dark comedy
Ben Acker, Ben Blacker
An Audible audiobook with an all-star cast that is hilarious, smart, and imaginative.