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Music Recordings

Music recordings are housed in the Leonard Martin Music Library on the 1st floor of Cowles Library.  The principal collection consists of more than 2500 CDs, housed in filing cabinets.  This includes complete recorded works of a number of major composers.  The library also retains a legacy collection of phonorecords ("LPs," "vinyl"), mainly of rare works or performances not available on CD or online.  Listening equipment is provided nearby.  To search for Music Library recordings, use either the Library Catalog tab above or the special search box below.

Additional recorded music is available via several music streaming services to which the library subscribes; see below.


How to Find Print Music Books and Scores

In the Library of Congress classification system used by the Whitworth Library, musical scores are classified under call numbers beginning with the letter M by itself.  Scores are mostly housed in the Leonard Martin Music Library on the first floor of Cowles Library.  Books about music  are classified under call numbers begining with the letters ML (history, theory, instruments, performance, etc.) or MT (music education).  These are shelved alongside other subject fields in the main library collections.

To search for books about music, click on the Library Catalog tab above.  For scores, use either the same tab or the special search box below.


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History of Music - woodcut, Hans Burgkmair (1473-1531). Early instruments being made: portative organ, harp, woodwinds, brass, percussion.

Citing Your Sources

The styles mainly used for Music are:

However, you should follow the instructions given by your professor, editor, or journal first. See the Citation Resources page for more detailed information on citation styles.

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